Thursday, January 5, 2012

2) Finish Decorating the Condo: Guest Bedroom Edition

As I've mentioned, our condo needed needs a lot of TLC to bring it up to a modern look.  We are doing each project one at a time, and slowly but surely getting everything set up the way we want it.  Here is our final - completed (woot!) - guest room.

As a point of reference, here's a photo of how the room looked when the previous owner was listing it:


  1. I LOVE this room!! So fun to see the "before" photo... it's come a LONG way!

  2. p.s. better keep your eyes on that hourglass next time I'm in town... (kidding, but it IS tempting.)

  3. 1. I'd keep your eye on the Eiffel Tower lamp the next time I'm there! and 2. Do you hire out?


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