Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hair Tutorial: The Sock Bun

Have you guys heard about the new trend in hair?

It's called a sock bun, and it basically involves using a sock (like, from your feet) to provide more volume in your every day bun.

I've always been a fan of the classic hair bun - easy but polished.  I became even more of a fan after Carrie Bradshaw frequently sported it.  But even when my hair was at it's longest, I struggled to have enough volume to make a significant bun.
regular bun 1

regular bun 2

And then I heard about the "sock bun" which brings me to tonight.  Tutorial (and photos) after the break:

Here are the steps:

1) Find a sock.  I took a bright pink one and cut the toes out of it.  This allowed me to create a kind of circle of fabric, which I twisted around itself to secure it.


2) Put your hair in a high pony.  Note: I didn't take the time to get the pony right.  Next time I plan to use a comb and perfect it.

3) Roll the sock circle in to your hair, and start rolling it down your hair, while keeping your hair ends pushed in and pulling your hair around the sock, concealing it. Note: This step takes a little practice, but once you get it down it's a snap.

4) Secure a second hair tie around the base of your new sock bun, and voila - you're done.

After I got my first one done, I thought, wouldn't it be great if I could sew the sock into position?  It was a huge pain trying to keep the ends of the sock tucked in to each other.  And then I realized, a cloth headband!  I used an old headband and it worked like a charm.  Saved a TON of effort, and does the job perfectly.

The pictures don't do this justice - but this is such an awesome idea and I plan to use it a lot!


  1. SO impressed with everything about this post - the beautiful bun, the ingenuity of the headband, AND the sweet HTML skillz. Such talented genes!!

  2. Okay... I'm intrigued... I have SERIOUS bun issues myself... may have to add this on my 23 by 23 list!!!!!


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