Wednesday, December 28, 2011

9) Give someone the perfect gift

I like to give good gifts.  Gifts that the recipient loves, or wants, or can't wait to use.   Rather than to call this the perfect gift, let me simply say that it was the gift I've been most excited to give - ever.

My brother Matt has a really cool bar (his inspired mine).  He always has cool liquor, tons of options, and is a great entertainer.

The last time I had drinks at his house, I saw his two "M" wine glasses.  (A glass wine glass with a large "M" etched on the side).  When I began thinking about Christmas, I decided I wanted to build on his collection and get him 4 more "M"s.  But when I started researching it, I saw that the options were endless - what font for M, what size lettering, what size glasses, etc.  Rather than try to match those glasses, I decided to start fresh and get him "MALONEY" glasses.

I loved giving this!

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