Monday, November 7, 2011

Think Like...

Today I heard some interesting advice. It was distributed as professional advice, and I think it's relevant to work life, home life and just darn good. The original source is Thomas Friedman, author and columnist.

Think like:

An immigrant. Nothing is owed to you, and if you're going to "make it" you're going to do that by your own hard work. Be hungry, work hard.

An artist. Most artwork is signed somewhere with the artists name - and that's because the artist has worked hard and they are proud of their work. Don't produce work that you don't want your name attached to. Do good work, and be proud to claim it.

A waitress. This one needs a little explanation. In August 2011, Friedman was at a diner in Minneapolis. His companion ordered scrambled eggs with a side of fruit. When the waitress brought his meal, she said to the campanion with a little wink "I gave you extra fruit". She couldn't control a lot of her job and situation, but she controlled the fruit ladle, and could give a little extra. You might not be able to control the job market, and your hands might be tied at work, but there is usually something you CAN control (customer service, relationships with coworkers, etc).

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