Tuesday, November 8, 2011

14) Visit CousinFriends part two

I consider myself very close to my cousins. I don't have sisters, and I think because of that, I really cherish the relationships I have with my girl cousins.

I visited Christine over Labor Day weekend, and with that visit accomplished part one of my goal to visit Cousinfriends. Part two was accomplished this weekend, with my annual "Kate-Anne" event.

A few times a year, Anne and I make it a point to get together. We live almost 10 hours apart driving distance, so she either flies to Chicago, or I fly to Minneapolis. We've had several such visits this year (as well as one rendezvous in Iowa) and so when we started planning our Fall '11 trip, we came up with a new plan: Des Moines! DM is driveable for both of us, and to top it off, we have another cousin that lives there, who we'd love to see. Win win win.

Anne's sister, Jane, and Matt's girlfriend Kelly joined us as well for a fun DSM weekend. I miss you girls already!

Plus, I got to meet the newest Rank gal:

These photos borrowed from Jane :)

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