Monday, October 10, 2011

on my favorite NFL teams

It's at that point in the NFL season where I start to really enjoy things.

Teams are winning, teams are losing, and it's a little easier to tell who's the real deal and who's real lucky.

Without further ado, my favorite NFL teams.

1) The Bears.
Since I grew up in a state with no professional football team, there's a variety of local favorites. It wasn't until I started dating a die-hard Bear and then moved to Chicago that I fell in love. While my fanship is still in it's youth (fifth season!), I'm happily settled in to the occasional euphoria and frequent heartbreak that comes along with being a Bear.

2) The Vikings
My dad is a Vikings fan. Enough said. (Perhaps I should also mention that a Hawkeye alum is a a team star/defense starter).

3) The Buffalo Bills
This is my first year as a Bill's fan, and, not coincidentally, my first year participating in fantasy football. I have two Buffalo Bills, and am pleased with how they're doing for my team. Additionally, again, a former Hawkeye is having a heck of a year for them.

4) Whoever is playing the Packers
As a Bear's fan, I take not-so-secret pleasure when the Packers stumble - which, admittedly, isn't often. Though I cheered for them in last year's Super Bowl, I'm not this year. I am extremely jealous of their skill in the QB department, but that's where my appreciation ends. Also, Clay Matthews needs a haircut.

Happy "Bears-in-MNF" day!

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  1. your jealousy of the World Champion GBP is very unattractive. your mother is a natural born cheesehead so being a Packer fan is in your blood...embrace it!


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