Sunday, October 2, 2011

The 365 Day Challenge: A Year in Photos

I've been thinking about my "photo of the day" posts. I like being able to post a quick photo here and there without a ton of commentary, and I like the record of having that photo history preserved on my blog.

And then I read about the 365 Day Challenge and it just clicked - kind of like the "photo of the day" post, but every day.

The idea is to take a photo a day - one photo each and every day - for a year. The photos can be about anything that makes that day special - a new food you tried or something you cooked, pretty scenery, a haircut, whatever. If you're intrigued, you can read a bit more here.

Over the next one year, I will take a photo every day and post them here. Project 365 starts tomorrow!

(Any other bloggers interested in joining me?)


  1. I'm in but only if it can be an iPhone picture! I'm terrible about charging my camera!

  2. phone pics TOTALLY count. YAY i'm glad you're doing it!!


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