Wednesday, September 21, 2011

on Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest? Pinterest is an online, virtual bulletin board system. Users create boards around varying topics (like "style" or "recipes" or ANYTHING) and then when they come across something they like on the internet, they "pin" it to their board.

Pinterest is accesible via your Facebook or Twitter account, and once you are set up, you are automatically connected with your Facebook/Twitter friends that are using Pinterest.

I started using late last month, and I must admit that I am HOOKED. It's especially great for later recall. If I find a cool holiday idea or recipe, I can "pin" it to the appropriate board, and later go to that board, click on the link and see the idea or recipe without any internet searching.

If you're curious about the experience, click here to view my Pinterest.


  1. Hi Kate!

    I've been randomly reading your blog here and there and have to admit that you have given me some great ideas. I just signed up for Pinterest AND have created by own X by X list.

    Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts! :)

  2. I'm so glad you're reading, Lindsey... THANKS! :) Hope to see you soon!!


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