Tuesday, September 27, 2011

on Matt

Twenty five years ago today, my brother Matt was born and I took on one of my favorite roles: big sister.

I think being a sister has shaped me more than any other position I've ever held. It taught me all of the biggies - how to share, that hitting is bad, and that family matters.

Matt is just 25 months younger than me, so that means we grew up close - in age, but perhaps more importantly, in proximity. It always felt like it was us against the "grown ups". Trying to negotiate later summer curfews, or more car-time with the red Honda, we were always almost always on the same side of any family negotiations.

The only downside to moving to Chicago was that I missed my family... a lot. Matt put a bandaid on that problem when he moved here after graduation.

Although I'm two years older than him, I'm used to being introduced to people as "Kate, Matt's sister". Everyone knows Matt, and everyone who knows him, loves him. He is the single most likeable, focused and ambitious person I have ever met.

I'm lucky to be his big sister.

Happy birthday, Matt!


  1. 25 years ago I was a very happy mama - the gift of a son - and yet I worried, Kate, that you wouldn't take to your little brother. But you adored him immediately and have always had his back. It's been fun to see the loving exchanges between you two over the years. Cheers to two favorite people...I thank God for you both!

  2. I love how close you are with Matt, because that's the way I am with Erin and Michael. I also love being so close in age with them since then we end up sharing all of the same friends!



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