Sunday, September 25, 2011

on Geography

"When I was younger and I thought about what my life would be like in my late-20s, I assumed that everyone I loved would be close to me and we'd be able to share experiences together. That we'd always find comfort in, at least, the physical proximity that one has to the other. But in truth, we're thousands of miles away from each other as we go on dates and have babies and break up and get married. And so something stronger - the affection we have for each other - has to keep us close in ways geography cannot." - JoyEngel

This paragraph really sang to me, probably because I have such a hard time with the distance between my favorite people. When I think back to the happiest times in my life, it was family vacations where we were all crammed in the minivan for cross country roadtrips, or my best girlfriends and I sharing an apartment our senior year of college. There's something about the physical distance that makes it so easy to be happy.

I love "my" Chicago, but Iowa has something that no city will ever be able to compete with: my family. If I'm honest with myself, then I'll admit that while I love living here, there's a part of me that feels like I'm missing out on something by not living near my parents. And even though we don't see each other in the day-to-day, we ARE close, and I think Engel's right - it's because of the affection we have for each other.



    ughhhhh. life is so hard.

  2. "The affection we have for each other" - like ShakeShake, I'm freaking out too. I can't borrow a cup of sugar from you, but our virtual world is alive and well, neighbor! And I hope some day we can reconcile the geography thing. Oh, and I never thought I'd say it, but those were the happiest days of my life (so far) too - the crammed in the minivan road trip days!


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