Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do fans "boo" their own team?!

I haven't talked about the Chicago Bears in a while, but not for lack of loving on them: I am a proud Bears fan, through good seasons and bad seasons, good games and worse games.

I may dislike certain players (cough cough Jay CUTLER) but no matter what happens in a game or season, I will never boo "my team". Is it a common practice for fans to boo their own team? It's halftime right now, but at the end of the second quarter when the Bears couldn't make the 6 points happen and instead went for the field goal, Bears fans booed. Maybe it's naive of me, but I didn't realize that fans booed their own team. Frankly, I think it's shameful.

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  1. New York fans are known for booing their team. I don't think I want to be grouped with them.



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