Thursday, August 25, 2011

Photo of the Day: El Traffic Edition

When I first moved to Chicago, I thought it wouldn't be long til I worked at getting some kind of vehicle. That thought lasted roughly 37 seconds until I became acquainted with the CTA (Chicago's public transit) and, more importantly, Chicago traffic. Driving in Chicago sucks, y'all!

The photo above was taken at 4pm on a Sunday when traffic was at a near stand-still... for no apparent reason. No Cubs game, no politicians nearby, no reason at all.


  1. "Chicago: The City that Works" needs to be changed to: "Chicago: The City That, For The Most Part, Kinda Works."

  2. two things I dislike about Chicago:

    1. the traffic
    2. winter
    2a. Kinda expensive place to live
    2b. January and Feb
    2c. Most of the cabbies smell

  3. 2d. Da Bears (sorry).


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