Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GPOYW: Personal Attendants Edition

I would like to give a public (and overdue) shout out to my amazing personal attendants, my cousin Jenifer and my friend Kelly. I cannot say this enough: they literally zapped the stress out of my wedding day. I've talked a little about the wedding zen I experienced on my wedding day, and I am positive I would not have had that without Jen and Kelly. I am so lucky to have you both!


  1. OBSESSED with this photo. and seriously, these two were the best personal attendants ever.

  2. LOVE THIS!!! I'm glad to see my hair was already becoming a mess at this point... explains the way it looked a few hours later!

  3. I LOVE THIS TOO! I must admit, I'm just now reading this post for the first time. I'm spending my evening catching up on your blog (as you can tell, it's been awhile :), and it's great! I've especially enjoyed reminisching on your wedding day (can you believe it has almost been a year ago already?!). I almost cried while reading some of your posts. You're a great writer and I just love your blog. xo.


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