Sunday, August 21, 2011

11 months til the Fehrman's!

This weekend, one of my best friends asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!

Sam and I met our freshmen year of college in Chi Omega - her last name and my last name began with the same two letters, so alphabetically we were matched up. We actually went through Chi O initiation together, and have been great friends ever since. We lived together for 2 (?) years of college, and nearly every memorable college moment involved her.

A couple that spring to mind involve shots of Hawkeye rum followed by apple juice chasers (don't ask), walking home from the bar in January sans coats (don't ask) and a series of impromptu dance parties involving the Rocky soundtrack. Suffice it to say that Sam significantly shaped my college experience.

More importantly than being so darn fun, Sam has always been there from me. She's the one I called when I was upset about a boyfriend, needed to vent about a professor, or needed a ride home from the library at 2am. I have never doubted her friendship, her loyalty and her support. Sam was by my side as I married Scott in May, and I am so thrilled, so honored, and so excited to return the favor eleven months from today!

(Photos courtesy of Studio Noveau Photography)

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