Saturday, August 13, 2011

#1) Go to a White Sox game

Scott and I went to the White Sox game last night - so this can be officially checked off the list. We were part of a big group that rented out the "Fan Deck" so it was free food & drinks until the 7th inning - a very fun way to see a baseball game. On top of that, I LOVED Comiskey US Cellular Field. It was ridiculously clean, had awesome food vendors (veggie burgers!), a wide beer/booze selection and had a high police presence in and out of the park. (As a Cubs fan and a resident of Wrigleyville, I kind of hate to say this... but I would argue that it's a nicer field than Wrigley. Whoops). It was a very fun experience.

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  1. I love love love going to White Sox games. I think the stadium (and food) and experience is so underrated!



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