Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wedding Recap: Pre Ceremony

The worst night sleep I've ever had came the night before my wedding. I simply couldn't fall asleep, and once I did, I couldn't stay asleep. I was too excited.

When the my alarm finally went off and it was time to wake up, I peaked around the house. My bridesmaids were awake and starting to get ready for the day, and everyone was in awesome, excited spirits.

(Everyone was around, that is, except for Christine. I couldn't find her anywhere. I found out later that she kindly went with my mom to decorate the outside of the church. Apparently, she had offered the night before and my mom didn't want to make her work, so had said something like "Ok, I'm leaving at 7:30... if you really want to, then just be downstairs by then". When my mom went downstairs at 7:15, Christine was already waiting with her shoes on. That's quintessential Christine - always going the extra mile for me).

My hair and makeup appointments began at 9am, with everyone else's beginning at 10.

(I mentioned in an earlier post, but my darling Scott had a beautiful bouquet of white roses delivered to me while I was getting my hair done).

(Nicely done, Special).

After everyone's hair was finished, we again hopped in my mom's car and were driven to the church. This car ride was QUITE the production. A fully coiffed bride in the front seat (veil wailing around) holding a vase full of roses and water, plus four beauty queen bridesmaids crammed in the back seat... along with all of their luggage and all of mine.

As we turned on to the street where the Church was, it really hit me: holy s*it, I'm getting married.

Today. Like, right now.

We went to the church basement, where we all did final preparations and primping, had some carrots and brushed our teeth.

(Those last two could have been just me).

And then, I got dressed. Putting on that dress was one of the best moments of my life. I was officially a bride.
And I couldn't wait to marry Scott.

We soon had our first look, and took a lot of photos in the (picturesque) church:

I had requested the entire bridal party (minus, obviously, our ushers) to be downstairs beginning at 1:15pm (the ceremony begun at 2) to avoid being seen. I also invited Scott's parents to join us during that time. To be honest, it was the longest 45 minutes of my life. I was pacing, watching the clock, so eager and excited for it to begin.

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