Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Recap: Friday

I already recapped the honeymoon, but it came to my attention that I never did a formal blog recap of my wedding weekend events. Though I can't imagine anyone else is dying for the details, but one of the awesome side benefits to blogging is that random details are preserved where they would otherwise not be.

The week leading up to my wedding, I worked on Monday and Tuesday, and then on Tuesday picked up my bridal gown from final alterations and drove home to Cedar Rapids. (That was actually one of the most white-knuckle drives I've had in a long time. I was alone in my parents car, it was very dark out and POURING rain... I digress). I spent Tuesday night through the wedding with my parents in the house I grew up in. My brothers were all still busy with school and work, so those few days before the wedding had a lot of QT with my parents. Though we did finalize last-minute details, we also went for walks, had popsicles on the back porch and just had some nice QT.

The feeling of waking up on Friday May 27th was unlike any feeling I've ever had before. (I'd compare it to Christmas morning times a million). One of the many decisions that my mom and I collaborated on, was the Wedding Zen pact. That is, starting on Friday, no more wedding decisions. At that point, we decided, what's done is done and it's time to start enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime weekend (my only weekend as the bride, her only weekend as the MOB). When I came downstairs that morning we just started jumping around and grinning. It was beginning.

We went to the salon at 10am for my makeup "trial run" (which I had strategically scheduled for the day of the rehearsal dinner because I figured it was a way to get my makeup professionally done for each day of the wedding weekend without having an additional appointment - win win). As I was sitting in the makeup chair getting the finishing touches, in walked my amazing cousins - one of which was a personal attendant and the other a maid of honor. I had a minor (happy) freak out - it was really happening. They were in town for my wedding. Shortly thereafter, Kelly (my other personal attendant) arrived, followed by Scott's mom and sister (who was a bridesmaid). (My other fantastic MOH, Anne, and bridesmaids Sam and Jennie, were traveling Friday morning and therefore met us later in the afternoon). After manicures, my mom, Christine, Jen, Kelly and I all headed back to my parents house for a quick pitstop to change clothes (and, perhaps more importantly, pick up the champagne!) before heading to a restaraunt for the bridal luncheon, hosted by the MOB, my mama.

Speaking of my mom, she had cajoled the restaraunt in to allowing us to bring our own champagne (my favorite kind) which was another win-win. The cost stayed low, and the champagne was free flowing (and, boy, was it ever!) Christine kindly handled the champagne opening/pouring (a really annoying task) which allowed my mom and me to just socialize and emjoy the bridal luncheon. We went around the room and said a line or two about how everyone knew the bride (, me) then ordered and ate delicious food, and two super quick hours later, the luncheon ended.

After a short pitstop at home to change and freshen up, it was off to the wedding rehearsal!

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