Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the one where we buy a condo (part 3)

This weekend, Scott and I (mostly Scott) finished the baseboards in our condo, and WHAT a difference new flooring has made. I love it!

(Close up on beautiful floor with baseboard and 3/4 inch round bottom)

(Brazillian Koa close-up)

(My girlie bathroom)

(Closet... clearly I lay out my clothes the night before - check out the white pants/tan shirt against the back wall)

(View from the master bedroom hallway)

(Blurry photo of my cozy reading chair)

(Book case/Desk - you can't see my favorite part of this set-up... the bar section gifted to me by my amazing brothers)

(Our high-top kitchen table)

(Guest bedroom view 1)

(Guest bedroom view 2... ignore the hideous blinds - they are on the short list of needed upgrades)


  1. CANNOT LOVE THIS ENOUGH. (and cannot WAIT to stay in that guest bedroom!! and use the un-pictured, presumably un-girly bathroom.) also the floors look GREAT! when i buy a house/condo in 800 years, i will definitely be calling in favors...

  2. Yay! The baseboards look great and that guest room looks VERY inviting :)

  3. It looks even better than when I first saw it! Everything looks great guys! Let me know when the housewarming will be taking place :)


  4. Floors look great! The base with the quarter-round really finishes it off. Can't wait for the next project! Dad (Project Laborer)


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