Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on Henry

Henry Louis Granju was an 18 year old boy from Tennessee. I've never met him, and it's certain that I never will. He died last May, the victim of a drug overdose and a physical attack.

In a (too brief) nutshell, Henry was a teenager, a musician, a brother, son, grandson, friend and, yes, a drug addict. He was plied with drugs by two adults, and then actively kept - unconscious - defenseless and unable to seek help for himself - in their home for hours upon hours. After the pleas of several third parties, he was eventually hospitalized, and though there were brief moments of hope, he never recovered. Henry died on May 31, 2010.

I first heard about Henry through his mom's blog. About other subjects, she's a really good writer, but about Henry? She makes me feel like I know him, like he's my friend. She has started a second blog, Justice For Henry, to that chronicles her struggle to get justice for her son.

I've been tempted to write about Henry before, but today I felt even more strongly. Yesterday, word was released that Henry's case has been officially closed. Knoxville police claim that though an "intensive investigation" has been completed, no arrests will be made.

The fact is, the Henry Granju case was NOT fully investigated - intensively or otherwise. For an absolute horror story of incompetent (and possibly negligent) police work, feel free to read the synopsis and history of Henry's case. (In one of the more glaring examples, Henry, in a rare moment of full awareness during his 31 day hospitalization, reported the sexual exploitation of underage teenage drug addicts. The police did not believe him, and therefore did not investigate).

If you have a few moments, I'd urge you to check out Justice For Henry and sign the Justice For Henry petition.

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