Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's in a name (part 2)

As I mentioned, I am taking Scott's last name.

Today, I got the ball rolling and legally changed my name. I've heard that it's an intense process, so I am committed to going all out and getting it completed - once and for all. I now have the driver's license updated, and I'm working on my Social Security card and bank accounts. My Facebook name is changed, and my email address is changed.

Though I've heard horror stories, I must admit that it's been significantly easier than I thought, with two exceptions:

1) Facebook doesn't believe that "Special" is a legit last name. Well, Facebook, it I'm not lyin'. In order to change my name on FB, I needed to submit a scanned copy of my marriage certificate. Annoying, but an easy and quick fix. (And, I gotta admit - Facebook made the change on my behalf within 90 minutes of receiving my scanned marriage certificate).

2) Blogger. By a LONG shot, Blogger (the host of this blog) was the biggest challenge to get revised. When I signed up for my blog 22 months ago, I had it linked to my old (maiden name) email address. Since I'm forwarding that email to my new account, I wanted to take the middle man out of it, and remove my old email address, and add my new one. Easy right? Wrong. I won't bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that it took hours (literally) and was a huge pain. Much, much more stressful and obnoxious than any other part of the process. (Shame on you, Blogger - you're way worse than the DMV!)

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