Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top 6 Wedding Day Moments

It goes without saying that my two favorite things about my wedding day were marrying Scott, and celebrating with my friends and family. (Truly!) Beyond that, there were lots of other special moments throughout the day that I want to be sure to remember.

How loving, interested and attentive Scott was on the wedding morning. The morning of the wedding, I woke up to a sweet text from Scott saying how excited he was for the day to begin. Then, he had a bouquet of beautiful white roses sent to me at the salon where I was getting my hair done. The note said "To my beautiful bride. Love, Scott". There's so much nervous energy floating around the morning of a wedding, that it was really soothing and comforting to know that Scott was as eager - and excited - as I was.

Primping in the church basement with my bridesmaids and mom. I got dressed in the basement of the church along with my bridesmaids and the MOB, and that time was some of my favorite during the day. There was this level of excitement, anticipation and support that was absolutely amazing.
The first look. After I got engaged, one of the first decisions I made was that I wanted Scott to see me in my wedding dress only once I was walking down the aisle to him in the church. My original vision was for it to be during the actual wedding ceremony, but as we began planning the logistics around the wedding day, I realized that it was made more sense for us to do some photos in advance of the ceremony, so I tweaked my vision. I still walked down the aisle to Scott for our "first look" but we did it in advance of the wedding ceremony. After I was dressed, I went up to the sanctuary, and there was a small group of wedding participants gathered (immediate family, bridal party, etc). When my brothers saw me for the first time, they clapped. It was spontaneous, supportive and just... one of those moments I've smiled about a lot in the past few weeks. After that, I kept walking down the aisle for my "first look" with Scott. It was even better than I'd pictured.

Final moments before walking down the aisle. In the half hour before the wedding started, I had our bridal party and parents gather in the basement of the church to avoid being seen by wedding guests. I wanted our guests to first see us as we were walking down the aisle. A few moments before we lined up to proceed in, I heard the trumpet playing. I don't know how to explain it except that it was really special and exciting. Since we couldn't see guests filing in to the church, hearing the trumpet made it real - it was starting.

As the bridesmaids filed down the aisle, I waited at the back of the line for my turn to go down. My cousin Jenifer was with me, personal attending like crazy and making sure that my train and veil looked perfect before I walked out. As the other bridesmaids walked down the aisle, I realized the last three of us at the back of the church were my cousins Christine and Jenifer and me. I'm having trouble describing it - but the three of us had a moment. I honestly don't think I can describe it in words. Emotional? Connecting? Spiritual? All of those words seem wrong, but it was special and personal and I will remember it forever.

Walking down the aisle. When I grabbed my dad's arm and we began the slow walk down the aisle, everything kind of sped up and didn't stop for two days. My dad and I have a really special relationship, and having him walk me up the aisle was exactly what I wanted. It was emotional by itself, but to have all of my family and closest friends to be in that room (and to see them for the first time) elevated that walk to something I think about every day. Honestly, the walk down the aisle was SO special, that even if the rest of the day would have been botched, I would have considered it a great day.

Speeches. This one's not really limited to the wedding day, because we had awesome speeches at the wedding and rehearsal dinner. The speeches were some of the highlights of the weekend. There were amazing speeches from my dad, all four of my brothers, my two maids-of-honor/cousins, an uncle, two aunts, and a blessing by my Grandfather. We had a videographer for the wedding, and I can't wait to get the footage back on the speeches. I loved hearing them - LOVED - and I can't wait to watch them again.
The weekend was perfect: emotional, a few antics, sweet, funny. It was joyful, pure and simple. Thinking of these things - reminding myself of them - is helping me to relive the best moments.


  1. SOBBING ALL OVER AGAIN!!! Happy 3 weeks!!... I would be lying if I said I DIDN'T wish it were three weeks ago RIGHT NOW. I "EXACTLY" everything you said above. Perfect weekend.

  2. (I love too that we have so many similar favorite moments!!)

  3. (also, not to completely take over your comments, I love how many different favorite moments there are to be had!)

  4. ummmmmmmmmmm

    this post made me cry?!

    let's hug it out on July 9, Mrs. Special. :)


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