Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Honeymoon Recap: Resort Edition

As promised, a recap of the eight lovely days spent in Mexican paradise. I had intended to do just one post, but when I realized the amount of photos I'd need to upload... well, I decided to break it out.

We left Chicago really early on Monday (May 30th) morning. Scott handled the travel arrangements, and told me that he'd arranged a 4:00a pick-up time for a cab, so imagine my surprise when the elevator doors opened in my condo lobby and this was waiting for me:

A black limo! It was a very fun surprise (and a great way to start of a honeymoon).

Our flight was pleasantly uneventful. Scott and I were seated in the second row of the plane (which was fabulous when we deplaned - we were 2nd in line at customs) and both napped and read throughout the flight. It was a direct flight, so by 9:30am we had landed in sunny Cancun. A short shuttle (car) ride later, and we'd arrived at our resort. It was beautiful:

I can't say enough good things about the resort. It was beautiful, clean, safe and luxurious (what more could you want?) It had ocean and pool, and it was an all-inclusive resort, so you could eat and drink as much as you wanted.

(... and eat and drink did we EVER! Honeymoon food recap coming tomorrow).


  1. LIMO?!!!!!! scottttttt. kate, you picked a good one.

  2. In my mind's eye I'm on the beach this very minute, sipping my all-inclusive smootie (with rum...or maybe vodka) and eating my all-inclusive shrimp. Soon, i'll be napping in my luxury room with the ocean view and i'll drink, dine and dance the night away! I like it here; i think i'm staying here for the rest of the week.


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