Saturday, May 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day Six

I'm skipping Day Five, because the question is "a time when you thought about ending your own life" and the answer is "never" which would obviously make a very boring blog post... so on to Day Six.

Write thirty interesting facts about yourself:

(Not sure how "interesting" these will be, but here goes).

1) I lay out my work outfits the night before, every night. Sometimes, on Sundays, I get overly ambitious and figure out each work outfit for the entire week.

2) There are two reasons that I'm not looking forward to football season: summer will be over, and I don't want to look at Jay Cutler all season.

3) I'm obsessed with tidy-ness. My apartment is almost always spotless. Because of this, Scott is a little nervous to move in to our condo in 14 days.

4) I don't have a super wide circle of friends. I have a wide circle of people to whom I am friendly, but my best-friend circle is more narrow. Once I consider you a friend, I will do anything for you.

5) My natural inclination is to hold grudges... so I have to fight against that. I don't want to be someone that holds on to something that happened in 1996, so I'm working on that.

6) Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous for my wedding. No. The answer is no. What do I have to be nervous about?

6) I have a really distinct memory of running in to Scott on the street outside of the UI Engineering Building sometime in 2005. We had met a few times, but didn't know each other very well. I remember that he said he liked my earrings. (Interestingly, for our first anniversary he gave me pearl earrings).

7) I'm addicted to my Blackberry. It goes everywhere with me - laundry room in the basement of my building, on my outdoor runs by the lake, etc. I love being connected.

8) Since 2007, I've been using a black Longchamp bag as my regular, weekday/weekend wear-all-the-time bag. I love it, and totally copied Christine when I bought it. Two weeks ago, I realized how boring I am wearing only this bag for literally 4 years non-stop.... so I bought another one. In red. (Totally different, right?)

9) I am completely opposed to clutter. I hate it. Hate. (This probably has something to do with #3)

10) I would MUCH rather eat salty chips than chocolate.

11) The number eleven is a recurring theme in my life. Scott and I started dating on the 11th, got engaged on the 11th, are getting married in 2011, his birthday is June 11, my birthday is August 11. My zip code was 60611 in my last apartment. Our locker at the yoga studio we go to is #11. I have an inside joke with Christine around the number 11. Etc. (I hope this doesn't mean I'm going to have 11 kids).

12) My body requires a full 7-8 hours of sleep a night. When I don't get it, I feel uncomfortable, restless, and just not good. I can handle less for a night or two, but I generally aim for at least a full 7.

13) I'm not a vegetarian - I love bacon, for example - but I rarely eat meat. I would never, for example, eat a whole steak or plain chicken. (Both of those things are fine in a salad, but don't add anything special, in my opinion).

14) I love reading other people's blogs. There are seven that I read on a consistent, daily basis, about half belonging to people I know in real life, and half that I don't.

15) I don't like to cook. I like to eat, however, which causes a bit of a problem. (Luckily, I love salad and sandwiches and lean cuisine. Double-y luckily, Scott DOES like to cook).

16) I don't decorate for any holiday except Christmas. Even then, I favor subtle decorations, like an on-theme candle holder or dishtowel. Not sure why this is, since I grew up in a home that had beautiful annual Christmas decorations, and every year I look forward to seeing them when I come home for Christmas.

17) I always thought I'd be much older when I got married (30+) and am kind of surprised to be among the first of my friends. (I have a hunch that there's going to be a lot of fun weddings to attend in the next few years).

18) I am (stupidly) intrigued by celebrity gossip. I can't put my finger on why I like it, and I consider it a bad habit.

19) I did not study nearly enough in college. I was never on academic probation or anything like that, but I know my final GPA could have been much higher if I would have put forth a little more effort. (I also don't regret this. College was the best four years of my life, regardless of what letters are on my transcript).

20) I call my mom several times every day. Since we don't live in the same state, we need to make up for it somehow. She is simultaneously my kindest critic and loudest cheerleader.

21) I don't like juice. Orange, grape, apple, whatever. No thank you.

22) We still haven't decided what to do for our first dance at our wedding. (Open to suggestions!)

23) This month has been the craziest of my life, but I'm strangely un-stressed. New job. New condo. Wedding in 2 weeks. I think I've just accepted that life is a little crazy right now, but they are all things I want (badly) so I'm excited about them, rather than stressed.

24) I'm going to NY on Tuesday, and my suitcase is already packed, minus some incidentals that I'll need between now and then. (See #1).

25) There have been numerous occasions that I've been told I look like my dad.

26) I'm 26. This has been the best year of my life. A little scary at times, but exciting and new and I think I'll look back at this year with a smile for the rest of my life.

27) There is not a single part of me that is scared or nervous about marrying Scott. I have zero reservations. (This probably helps with #23).

28) Whenever I hear the song "I love you always forever" I think of my cousin Christine, and the trip we took to Disneyworld when we were 6th graders.

29) I am getting my first DVR installed today, and I have a feeling that it's going to change my life.

30) I love country music, and could listen to it all day. (Miranda Lambert is on in the background as I type this).

(Finding 30 things was MUCH more difficult than I thought it would be!)

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