Monday, April 4, 2011

Marriage Monday: Merging Edition

So, we close on our condo later this month (whoa).

In the process of ready-ing myself to have a roommate again, I've rediscovered how much stuff I actually have. When factoring in Scott's stuff WITH my stuff... we really have a lot.

Two kitchen tables, three couches, an ottoman, an oversized chair, two beds, two TVs, two TV stands, two dressers. The list goes on.

(First world problems).

In an effort to manage our efforts, we've both been going through a bit of a "spring cleaning" period, to get rid of the things we don't need in our new life.

Obviously, I started with the most ambitious project - my closet:

While I haven't gotten much further than my closet (and, um, dresser), the ball is in motion and I am so very, very excited.

(And pretty excited about Scott's chair).

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  1. Had NEVER heard the expression "First World Problem" until a few minutes ago and now here twice in less than 30 minutes! I like it...a lot. Hang on to it forever. May all your "problems" be First World (and may you never lose that perspective). Thanks to CER for giving it to me and you reinforcing it for me.


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