Thursday, April 28, 2011

One Month

I started the month countdown, when it seemed like our wedding was so far away... and now it's almost here.
















The countdown is now in days, not months. Can't wait.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day Three

Day 3: Your views on drugs and alcohol

I like alcohol. I like drinking it, serving it, celebrating with it. I drink it maybe once a week, but I also go in waves. I won't have anything for two weeks, and then I'll have a few drinks two days in a row. Sometimes I drink a glass of wine like a grown up, and sometimes I act like I'm 20 21 again.

... and that works, for me. But the problem I have with alcohol is the way that it interferes- and really damages - some people. There are many people - some in my own life - that cannot handle alcohol, and the way that alcohol or drugs messes these people up is scary and damaging and hard to escape.

My general philosophy on life is "to each his own" so I think I'll leave it at that. I know it's more complicated than that, but I won't pretend to have the answer.

Quote of the Day: Springer v. Trump Edition

"Remember when you were a little kid and a wise guy at the back of the class would shout things out? That's Trump. He makes you laugh and giggle. Right now, Trump is enjoyable. Sarah Palin is no longer the flavor of the month, so Trump is. I don't think any of these people are going to beat Obama. Republicans have overreached. Do we really want a country without Medicare? Obama's heart is in the right place. He can't get everything he wants with Republicans controlling Congress fighting him. We have a class war going on at the moment. The powerful are stacking the deck in favor of the rich, which is why the gap is getting wider between the rich and poor" - Jerry Springer, on Donald Trump

30 Day Challenge: Day Two

Day 2: Where you'd like to be in 10 years

I'd like to:

be healthy and strong-bodied, be close to my mom and dad and brothers, be celebrating my ten year wedding anniversary with a strong and happy marriage, be a mom, be an aunt (hint hint), be a little more educated, speak a little something foreign, have traveled to Paris, London, Australia and Dublin, still have a job that makes me happy, have memories of visiting Christine in LA, still be using a library card, have some sisters (in law), have a tight circle of close friends, still be blogging, not be doing Botox, have completed a marathon or some other physical task, be known for something good, stop watching such terrible TV, be just as tight with my cousinfriends, still be best friends with Scott Special, be cooking more frequently, still be a reader.

Friday, April 22, 2011

30 Day Challenge: Day One

I've been feeling a little... anti-blogging lately.

I think it's because I've been busier than ever in my life (exhibits A and B and C) but the fact is that I enjoy blogging. It's cathartic to me, and I'd like to get back in it.

So, bring on the 30-day challenge.

Someone pointed it out to me, and I love the idea. Each day, for the next 30, I'll have an assigned topic to blog on, and here's hoping my blogging-mojo will return.

So without further ado, question number one:

Day 1: Your current relationship

Well, I am engaged. Happily, bliss-fully engaged. We've been friends for seven years, and dating for the past almost five. He makes me furiously mad sometimes, and furiously happy other times. We are nearly complete opposites - and I think that's why we work. Corny though it is, he is the yin to my yang, and I really can't imagine my life without him. I can't imagine being with anyone else, dating anyone else, marrying anyone else. He is it for me.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The past 2 weeks...

It's been two whole weeks since I've last posted.

(That is unacceptable and I am sorry).

I will say that the past couple of weeks have absolutely flown by. Here are some highlights:

I made a few delicious salads.

I ran the Shamrock Shuffle (my first race!) and I lived to tell about it.

I witnessed my brother in knight costume.

... and a few other things.

I'm back. Thanks for staying with me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago today, Mike Maloney left this earth.

I want to acknowledge the anniversary, but I don't know how to put my feelings in to words.

I wish he wasn't dead? And sometimes I'm glad he is dead? I feel both of those things, sometimes at the same time. My relationship with him is more complicated now - eleven years after he breathed his last - than it was the day he died. The more I learn, the more I want to learn and the less I want to know.

The more I hear about him, the more I realize the less I know. The more I hear about him, the less I like him, the more I want an hour with him.

My relationship with Mike Maloney did not end when he died. It is unlike any relationship I have ever had, or will ever had. It is hard, it is messy, it is confusing.

It's made easier with the realization - and the acceptance - that his demons are now at rest, he is at peace, and I am better for having him - demons and all - in my life and in my history.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photo of the Day: Scenes from a Walk

This weekend, my friend Kelly and I went for a walk by the lake. It was a little dreary (a storm was blowing in) but the temp was warm and you know how I feel about Lakeshore Drive.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Josh Turner: Why Don't We Just Dance

Words to live by: "Baby why don't we just dance?"

Marriage Monday: Merging Edition

So, we close on our condo later this month (whoa).

In the process of ready-ing myself to have a roommate again, I've rediscovered how much stuff I actually have. When factoring in Scott's stuff WITH my stuff... we really have a lot.

Two kitchen tables, three couches, an ottoman, an oversized chair, two beds, two TVs, two TV stands, two dressers. The list goes on.

(First world problems).

In an effort to manage our efforts, we've both been going through a bit of a "spring cleaning" period, to get rid of the things we don't need in our new life.

Obviously, I started with the most ambitious project - my closet:

While I haven't gotten much further than my closet (and, um, dresser), the ball is in motion and I am so very, very excited.

(And pretty excited about Scott's chair).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Zac Brown Band: Colder Weather

Thanks Anne for the recco - could listen to this song all day (and I practically have).