Sunday, March 20, 2011

A tale of two Tory's

For years, I've coveted the Tory Burch ballet flat: a practical black flat, made exciting with the signature Tory emblem.

I tried them on half a dozen times, each time deciding that while they were comfortable and wear-able, the price tag made them far too impractical.

When exchanging gifts with Scott this year, I was shocked (and thrilled!) to find a pair of beautiful gold flats wrapped up in the signature Tory paper.

I enjoyed these shoes thoroughly over the next few weeks, wearing them to several Christmas and New Years parties, and enjoying having these luxurious shoes that I wouldn't buy myself.

In early February, on a particularly warm day, I wore them at work. While walking around the office, I noticed one of the heels kept sliding off my foot, so I examined that foot and discovered a small hole forming in the back seam. Horrified - and incensed - I fired off an email to Tory Burch customer service. "I've had this pair for only 6 weeks, never worn them outside, probably worn them a dozen times or less, the pricepoint doesn't match the quality, etc etc" and to my surprise - and amazement - less than 36 hours later I had an answer and a refund in the works.

I was provided a pre-paid mailing label and given the choice of cash back or credit to Tory Burch.

And in exchange, they got a lifelong fan of Tory Burch (and a very happy customer with an excuse to purchase a replacement pair).

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