Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bachelorette Shenanigans: Part 2

Saturday night can be summed up in three words:

best. night. ever.

We started at a fabulous sushi restaraunt downtown, Oysy.

Then we headed back to my apartment for some quick primping (and a photo shoot) before the other guests arrived.

Once the guests arrived, we had cocktails and amazing appetizers (which I stupidly didn't photograph - but I assure you, they were both beautiful and delicious!)

Next we headed to Wrigley.
We went to a few bars, had a few drinks and danced our feet off.
The night was a whirlwind of fun - it was crazy to have so many of my favorite people in one space - my amazing CousinFriends, my mama, high school friends, college friends, Scott's cousins... it was an amazing night, and I feel so lucky that so many amazing women made such an effort on my behalf. I am SO lucky to have each of them in my life.

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