Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vanishing Act

Three emails and one concerned text later, I've come to the conclusion that more people read my blog - and WANT to read my blog - than I even realized. Thank you so much. The hiatus is over.

So what was up with the hiatus? Honestly, it wasn't intentional. It's been a busy week - the wedding decision-making time is, um, right NOW (wine at the tables? what kind of cake? what font on the invitations?), I'm 75% through another great book, boot camp is still kicking my ass, and I still dislike Jay Cutler.

(Now you're caught up).


  1. Glad you're back... I too was missing your blog posts! Enjoy the wedding decisions (I'd say that's a legitimate excuse). Also, your title "Vanishing Act" had me thinking this post was going to be a Jodi Picoult book review!

  2. Umm...what did we decide on the cake? Which of the 15 fonts that we hated did we dislike the least? Oh....and...on the white wine, who would've known we were Sauvignon Blanc fans, huh? We DID decide that and that DID take considerable time, but I usually like to BLOG after drinking wine, not you apparently!


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