Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow What

Today Chicago is expecting 18-24 inches of snow. Up to two feet. We are in a "blizzard warning" and the snow has barely started to fall.

Last night, while walking back to my apartment from "Beach Body Emergency Boot Camp" (more on that later), Scott and I stumbled upon a live taping of a segment on the Weather Channel. While it was too cold and windy to stick around and watch, it was amusing enough to merit a blurry camera phone picture.

My friend's Facebook status updates have been equally amusing.

"Snow/ice/blizzard day in STL!"

"Kids aren't even here yet and we've announced an early dismissal! I'll take it!"

"Too many names to call our first winter storm of the decade. So far I've heard Snow-pocolypse, Snow-mageddon, Snow-nami, Flurricane and Snow-valanche".

"Bring it, snow!"

"Brrrrreerrrrr rrrr".

And these are just comments from the past two hours.

I understand that two feet of snow is a LOT of snow, and they are anticipating that it is going to fall fast (the NBC newscaster suggested a rate of up to three inches per hour).


We've had a pretty mild winter so far, no? And it is Chicago in February, so like... this kind of goes with the territory. (Although I will concede that 24 hours is a bit excessive).

Anyway, I hope Chicagoans (and anyone impacted by the upcoming weather system) take advantage of this kind of warning and use extra caution in the coming days.

Stay warm!

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