Thursday, January 27, 2011

Regarding Green Bay

My loyalty to the Bears is well documented, but to summarize: I love them. I try - sometimes unsuccesfully - to keep my schedule open on fall Sundays to be able to watch the games. I have a lucky Bears shirt, and I can name nearly every starter (but not quite - I'm working on it).

Kind of ironic that the whole season came down to a game against our rival, but it did, and we were on the losing side. It happens. I never thought this was our year, and yes - I'm proud that "my" team made it as far as they did. All in all, a good season - even with a disapointing end.

Obviously, Sunday's game was a bummer, to put it mildly. It was hard to watch and yes, it sucked.

.. But it WAS a game. Sometimes when you play games, you win them. Sometimes you lose. It happens.

If you would have asked me a few months ago, I would have told you that my other favorite NFL teams included the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers (how's that for supporting the NFC North?). I don't know why, but something changed this season and now I loathe all things green and gold (apologies in advance family). Not only do I want them to lose, I want them to lose embarrasingly.

(Sometimes I behave like a shameless twelve year old).

Truly, the transition has nothing to do with them beating us on Sunday (although certainly that added insult to injury). They were the far, FAR superior team that day (and this season) and they beat us fair and square.

I don't want to hate the Packers (or the Vikes for that matter). I'm happy that some of my favorites are so happy and that their team is doing so great.


... Go Steelers.


  1. read this and then tell us you still "hate" (your word) The Packers:

  2. (Sorry for the delayed response!!)

    I mean, I said I didn't want to hate the Packers, and I really don't hate them. But even with an article like that (and I agree - that's VERY cool) and with a QB like Aaron Rodgers, they are still my team's biggest rival...

    So I can't say that I "hate" the Packers, because I don't... but that doesn't mean I'm cheering for 'em!!


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