Monday, January 31, 2011

Marriage Monday: Marriage Prep is DONE edition

I've blogged a lot about the Catholic Pre-Marriage Preparation process.

And what a process it's been.

To recap, in order to get the official stamp of Catholic approval, Scott and I have read over 400 pages, paid over $500, gone to three-day group retreat, answered 150+ FOCCUS questions, attended a Natural Family Planning one-on-one, attended four one-on-one meetings with the Priest, and attended a two-on-two FOCCUS follow-up.


We began the process on July 5th, and completed it on January 26th.

To be honest, the process was both better and worse than I expected. It was considerably longer and more comprehensive/expensive than I was anticipating, but there were definitely things that came to light that we hadn't discussed (would I be "allowed" to buy a pair of $300 jeans without checking with Scott? Would Scott be "allowed" to invite his brother over for a weekend without checking with me? Who is going to balance our checkbook? How often are we going to take vacations?).

Scott and I have been together for over four years, so we've discussed... almost everything, but we still had things we had yet to figure out, so marriage prep served it's purpose there - even if it took more money, time, and energy than we had anticipated.

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  1. I'm so glad we did it, I feel so confident in us and our future life together. I love you!



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