Monday, December 27, 2010

Marriage Monday: Excitement Edition

I've blogged twice recently about things that make me nervous about living with Scott.

To be clear, I am also very excited.

... I get to cut my monthly rent in half. And, I get to live with my best friend.

(And not in that order).


To be honest, a part of me wanted to start living with Scott when he moved home to Chicago this summer. And, to be even more honest, we discussed it at length. After living in different cities (states, too) for almost three years, being able to spend so much time together was a very appealing idea. I missed him like crazy. On top of that, saving money on rent and utilities was also a consideration.

So, yeah - living with my best friend was very compelling.

I can list out reasons for couples like us to not live together: religious standards, family reactions, being a good example for my brothers and Scott's siblings.

Eventually, it came down to one thing: it didn't feel right for us. Since we aren't living together, it does make me very, very excited to get to. On May 29th, we will leave Iowa after our wedding and drive home - to our home - for the first time.

So yes, the excitement? It's there, too.

(And not just for the party trolley).

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  1. PARTYY TROLLEYYYYYY. um best party trolley ever.


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