Friday, December 17, 2010

Best Surprise Ever

I have the best friends and family.

I feel incredibly lucky.

Six months before my wedding day, one of my amazing maids-of-honor and and one of my amazing personal attendants (follow me here) sent me this:

(The arrangement was actually significantly bigger, but I didn't think to take a photo until much of it had been devoured consumed).

I am a spoiled brat (you already knew that) so I'm having two beautiful and smart maids-of-honor and personal attendants. (Lucky me!) One half of each happen to be sisters. (Ranks, too). They sent me the nicest, sweetest, most thoughtful gift I have ever received a few weeks ago.

(But because I am a bad blogger, you're only now hearing about it).

Christine and Jen, what would I do without you?

Thank you for the delicious surprise. And thank you for being two of my best people.


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