Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marriage Prep: Recap Two

On Sunday we had our third (and final) day of our marriage prep retreat. This week, the focus was on the family, and the "preservation" of the family. Below are my highlights - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First, the good: Surprisingly, I loved it. Though they preached Natural Family Planning, and discussed why (and I quote) "Planned Parenthood is a product of Satan", the other components were pretty awesome. They talked about how the Birth Control Pill actually works (the science behind how it works and what it does to the female body) and how the Creighton Method (the endorsed form of Natural Family Planning) works in comparison. If you're interested in learning about the Creighton Method, feel free to have a look. I found it fascinating.

I think the reason I found it so interesting was because they really highlighted the science behind the method, rather than the morality behind it. It's easier to buy in to something when there is a concrete rationale behind it, in my opinion.

Now, the bad. The had an ethics "expert" discussing conciousness, morality and ethics and how they play a role within our lives. Essentially, she argued that our consciousness is formed - by society, what we see on TV, what our parents teach us, and, "if you let it" by the Church. She said that many times our morals get out of whack because we allow societal acceptability to seep in, and push the Church out. She specifically used gay marriage as an example of one way that people's morality gets messed up, saying that many people think gay marriage is ok because society says it is, and we listen to them too much.

The ugly: they said that (again, a quote): "Motherhood is a defininig characteristic of femininity". That really bothered me. I can think of multiple examples of really wonderful women, shining examples of femininity, that aren't also mothers. I am not a mother... does that mean I'm not feminine? That kind of sentiment seems to say that a woman isn't a complete being until (unless) she has a child.

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  1. why is the catholic church so hateful of gays that they want to deny them basic human happiness? I'd classify that as ugly, not just bad. And their position on women (in general) is impossible for any thinking person to defend. If I'm wrong...please someone, anyone: begin defending.


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