Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's up marriage prep

Today I am go to five hours of marriage prep. Yesterday, nine. Two weeks from today another five.

And that's not counting the 10 hours of one-on-two meetings with the Priest, or the 150 question questionnaire, or the three books of required reading/question answering. Oh, and it's also not the two-on-two meetings (note the plural) with our sponsor couple.

Suffice it to say that the Catholic Church isn't making it easy for me to get married.

But why should they? 50% of marriages end in divorce. Fifty. I can tell you right now which side I'm going to end up on, and a lot of it is because of how much Scott and I have discussed things. We are going in to our marriage eyes wide open. I know his quirks, he knows my shortcomings (and heavens do I have them). I know what he's bad at, he knows where I fail. But we've also been together for a long time.

(54 months this week, but who's counting).

(Happy pseudo anniversary babes).

That's a lot of conversation, a lot of topics randomly coming up in conversation, a lot of living which lead to a lot of discussion.

Anyway, I believe that at it's core, marriage prep isn't even really about making sure the engaged couple is going to live their life according to Catholic tradition (although, yes, we did have to sign paperwork indicating this!), but rather that marriage prep is one way for the Catholic Church to stack the odds, make sure that couples have discussed trivial things (like who is going to take out the trash). While I don't think there will be any major surprises for us, I'm all about double checking. Let's put it all out there, so that when we are up there on that alter, we know what we're signing up for.

Just to be sure.

(But, full disclosure, one of the sponsor couples has been together - from the day they met, fell in love and got married until today - for 26 months. Less than HALF of my relationship with Scott, and if I am randomly assigned to them, so help me goodness gracious, I am going to have a really hard time not giving them some "relationship instruction" of their own).

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