Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seeing Red

Tonight I painted my nails red, in embrace/protest of the weather outside.

How can I wear dark nails when it's shorts and flip flop weather (like, um, YESTERDAY)? Seriously.

(Wait, my nail color doesn't interest you? I'm shocked. I'm also running low on blog topics. Any requests?)


  1. 1 - think it's important to post photos of stuff like your nail polish. i chose to make feet photos a recurring theme on my blog. please do share every time you ever paint your nails!!! your readers DO care about this stuff. for real.

    2 - maybe this will help you come up with some blog ideas: http://www.hollabackhealth.com/2010/10/nine-quick-tips-to-get-yourself-in-a-blogging-mood/

    3 - perhaps you can blog about other blogs that you like to read (and you can omit my blog, which im sure you read RELIGIOUSLY).

    4 - i think i'm gonna write a blog post similar to this one: http://thenonconsumeradvocate.com/2010/10/okay-your-turn-who-are-you/. perhaps you can do the same!

  2. I echo Parvin's point 1 ... I LOVE reading about your nail color!!!!! duhhhhh.

  3. I personally enjoy your nail color as well.

    Can you show a picture of your closet, I don't know why, but I love seeing people's closets...




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