Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bears vs. Giants: Week Four

I've always believed that this Bears team isn't as strong as it's record has indicated, and this game further iterated that to me. NINE sacks in the first half? Interceptions by more than one quarterback? No. Just no.


- Cutler (and the O-line) sucks. SUCKS. 9 sacks before the half? Unacceptable.

- Bowman's strip on the 1 yard line? Someone give that guy a bonus. Seriously. That was the only bright spot in this dreary game.

- The announcer needs more coffee, or at least better notes. "Fantastic performance by the Jets"? Really? Pretty sure it was the other NY team out there...

Bears (3-1) vs. Giants: 17-3
Next week: @ Panthers

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