Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bears vs. Carolina: Week Five

Another day, another Bears win.

(That sentence is seriously fun to write).

You know what else was fun? Watching a Cutler-less Bears game. Fun doesn't even begin to describe the three hours I spent in my living room this afternoon. Granted, it was against a winless Carolina Panthers team, but still. After last weeks beating, I am happy to rev up our momentum as we move toward the middle section of the season.


- This was Matt Forte's day. The man has wheeeels. (166 yards rushing? Whaaaat!)

- Part of the reason for Forte's success was due to the mishaps at the QB spot. Though I am not a Cutler fan, I certainly don't wish him injured, and frankly, our backups aren't doing it for me. Though it's a hard sentence to write, I am looking forward to Cutler being back in business next week.

- I mentioned in the first game that I was projecting Julius Peppers to be a big star for the Bears (embarrassingly, I called him a "rising star"). Obviously, I hadn't heard of him before this season (I may be a loyal fan, but I live in a Bears bubble and don't know tons about other teams). Today I learned his story, and holy cow - Carolina fans were MAD AT HIM. One sign called him "Judas Peppers".

- It is very strange to be a fan of a winning team. As a Bears fan, well, let's just say I haven't had a lot of practice at being a humble winner. As strange as it is, it feels dang good and I hope it continues.

Bears (4-1) vs. Carolina Panthers 23-6
Next week: vs. Seattle

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