Monday, September 27, 2010

Bears vs. Packers: Week Three

Week three, and I was feelin' optimistic.

No doubt that the Bears first two wins were, well, shaky at best, but I've doubted the Bears two weeks in a row, and it's time for me to clean up my act. I'm a Bears fan, and not a fair-weather one. I'd watch the Bears if they were 0-16 (last year's 9-7 isn't great), and I'd cheer loudly for every touchdown. But this isn't an 0-16 team. I still don't think they're Superbowl or NFC championship material, but they aren't half bad either.

If you recall, my prediction was 24-21 Bears, and within the first ten actual minutes of the game, I was seriously regretting it. Another Cutler pick? What is this, 2009?

And then, a spark of magic. It wasn't a light switch that turned on, but more like a firefly. Magic here, and then nothing. The moments added up, though, and somehow - and I'm really not sure how based on the stats - the Bears came out ahead.

Sidebar: have I ever told you that Greg Olsen is my favorite Bear? He is. He's 5 months younger than me (to the day - it's a sign) and one of the most consistent parts "our" offense. (And you know how I feel about consistency). Love him. Someday I'll tell you the story of running in to him on the street last Christmas season.

Anyway, a third game and a third squeeeeeeeeked out victory for my hometown team.

Takeaways (and I listened to the commentary pretty closely tonight, so Bear (cough cough) with me):

- Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher have played together for 88 games. Talk about team work.

- The Bears have had more QBs in the past 20 years (sorry, can't remember the exact number) than any other team in the league. The Packers? The least (2).

- I gotta hand it to the Pack - their fans are LOYAL. I think there is something pretty magical about five year old girls and six year old boys knowing the Packer starters. But -

- Third game in a row, I'll give Cutler his due. I'm still not ready to jump on the bandwagon, but - BUT - the man has an arm on him and when he's hot, he is on fi-yah.

- Devin Hester? Welcome back. Don't make me wait another two years, will ya?

Bears (3-0) vs. Packers 20-17
Next week: @ Giants

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