Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bears vs. Cowboys: Week Two

Before the game started, I was really nervous. (You can see that in my score prediction: Bears 10 - Cowboys 27). That said, the second drive of the game the Bears scored (just a fieldgoal, but I'll take 3 any day of the week) and I never looked back.

Now, I understand it's against the Dallas Cowboys, and not, say Christine's Packers (oh shiz that's next week), but I'll take it.


- Y'all know how I feel about Jay Cutler, but for the second week in a row, I gotta give credit where it's due. His 2nd Quarter throw to Johnny Knox? That was the stuff of legends. And then he kept hitting the sweet spot again. Touchdown to Hester. 59 yarder to Foxy Knoxy. And the best part? No interceptions... Hallelujah!! If he keeps this up, I might start to like him! (Let's revisit this idea after he plays a team like Aaron Rodgers' Pack).

- Speaking of Cutler throwing perfectly, I gotta give some credit to his receivers. It isn't too often that everything clicks for the Bears, but today something was working very right.

- This may not be exactly football related, but Devin Hester really needs to cut the rat-tail. It's distracting, gross, and if I was an opposing team's player in a tackle with him, I'd yank it.

Bears (2-0) vs. Cowboys 27-20
Next week: Packers (MNF)

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  1. we (read: clay matthews) are coming for you!!! GO PACK GO.


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