Saturday, July 10, 2010

On Marvin

One year ago today I walked in to my quiet, dark apartment after my work day was over, and discovered my laptop was missing. Was gone.

I called 911, and raced out of my apartment.

Police officers came, and it was determined that I had been robbed.

My sheltered little life was destroyed in 5 minutes when a thug robber named Marvin* broke in to my Lakeview apartment.

(*His name may or may not have been Marvin).

He stole my laptop, my iPod, my deceased father's gold ring, the signet ring given to me on my golden birthday, and miscelleanous other things.

It was sad - I was upset - but most of all, I felt violated. It felt ... uncomfortable to know that this person, this thug robber, had been in my space, in my bedroom, messing with my dresser, my desk, my stuff.

I was lucky, though. We weren't home, for one. We had renters insurance. And our lease had a month left.

I believe that things happen for a reason. Once I was robbed (or is it burglarized? I always forget) I decided that I did indeed need a doorman, and I allocated more of my monthly take-home to a nicer apartment with better amenities. It was a great decision, and one that I have never regretted. It also solidified the importance of insurance, and therefore I will always be covered.

So, Marvin, you may have gotten my electronics (um, and jewelry) but I still got what I wanted.

And it came with this view:

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