Friday, July 23, 2010

Laura's Bridal Shower

On October 1st, the Ranks will welcome our newest member, when my cousin Josh marries his longterm girlfriend, Laura.

This past weekend, my mom and my aunt (two of my favorite people in all of the land) hosted a celebratory bridal shower for the newest Rank gal.

Two hours (and three bottles of champagne later!) Laura had been showered with love and presents for her new life as Mrs. Rank.

(The bride with two of her new aunts)

(This picture is blurry - but one of my favorite of Laura's gifts was a customized apron, which said "Mrs. Rank")

(The menu was beautiful and delicious - win win!)

(Our two amazing hostesses)

(I could go for one of those mimosas right now)

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  1. Thanks for the historical account! I had no idea you were taking all these pictures! Thanks so much!


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