Thursday, July 22, 2010

# 5 Be a bit more healthy

I will admit that the first incarnation of this goal included the goal of "weight loss" rather than improved health. Somewhere along the past year, I switched it to how the goal appears now, and I'm so glad I did. The benefit that weigh loss has is a quantitative measure for achievement, but so be it.

I switched to "health" because, frankly, my BMI falls within the "healthy" range, so any amount of weight loss would be attributed solely to vanity. (And yeaaaah this whole blog is kinda vain, but whatever).

So, here's to health and the things I worked on in the past year:
- Started taking a daily multivitamin
- Focused on eating deliberately - fruits and vegetables, sitting down to eat, not eating FROM a bag of pretzels, but putting the amount I want on my plate, etc
- Increased the amount of water I drink
- Went to my PCP for a "well-woman" check-up
- Went to my dermatologist to get a suspicious spot checked out
- Went to an ENT specialist (twice!) to get to the bottom of my frequent colds
- Worked to increase my flexibility (blog post coming soon on this)
- Worked to be more active (living by the Lake, there is no excuse for not taking long walks)

"The first wealth is health" - Emerson

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