Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Review: Spoken from the Heart

I just finished the Laura Bush book, Spoken from the Heart.

I must admit, I've never been a big fan of her or her husband. I like a strong woman, and frankly, I did not label her as such.

Allow me to say a few things:
  • The book is a memoir, her memoir, but it is dense. The details, the facts she packs in the pages, make it a challenging read.
  • The timeline isn't straightforward. The book starts in childhood and continues on til the present day, but there are many, many times throughout the book where she dances back to other memories, related tangentially, and then back to the present. It's an interesting tactic, but since it is a memoir, it makes the timeline a bit hard to follow.
  • Even with the benefit of hindsight, she thinks George made a good move by invading the Mid East
  • She is waaaay more liberal than her husband. She does not think Roe v Wade should be overturned, for instance.
  • She loves Dick Cheney (gah!)
  • She is utterly and completely likeable
The last point is the one toughest for me to come to. As I was reading, I wanted to dislike her. (Probably because I hate to be wrong... but that's another post for another day). She was likeable. I liked her. I felt for her, I agreed with her, I had compassion for her.

Not for everything, though. I've always thought her to be the kind of woman who is defined by her man. For instance, her three-word biography would be something like "George Bush's wife", rather than "mother and librarian", or whatever. I still sort of think of her in this way. She certainly knew her role, knew what was expected of her as the President's wife. I don't necessarily think of this as a bad thing - I suppose when your husband is the leader of the world, being known as his wife could be sufficient.

Overall, I liked the book. It felt like I was looking in to this world that I didn't have permission to see, but it was intriguing. The book is very well-written. Some parts are hard to read emotionally, or mentally. She describes so many details, "On Monday October 5th" kind of stuff, that it is a challenged to get through all 400+ pages, but I liked reading about her, and it was interestinig to read her story, her side of the story.

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