Friday, May 14, 2010

On Faithfulness

With my wedding to Scott around the corner (ok, fine, around the corner and then a year), I've been thinking a lot about what makes a successful relationship. A lasting, thriving, happy marriage.

One such requirement I have found is the concept of faithfulness.


I've witnessed terrible marriages, ideal marriages, and several in between. I like to think that I have learned from their examples, but of course, the next sixty years will tell for certain. (Before anyone freaks out, aheeemmmm, of COURSE I believe Scott to be my person, and have every confidence that our marriage will be rock solid. Obviously).

It's interesting preparing for such a commitment while watching the institution of marriage crumble in the news. Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Larry King. I almost hate to put these names out there, because I am certain that there are hundreds of examples of unfaithfulness that I could be referencing, certainly some from my circle.

I guess I'm just confused by the whole thing. Do these people, these cheaters, not understand that the whole point of being married is to be with one person from that point on? That the days of multiple women, multiple partners, should come before marriage, not after? (And for the record, while I am decidedly Democrat, I am not suggesting that people should sleep around, I'm just saying that I don't know that we would all know or care that Tiger had been with 15 plus women, had he done it without simultaneously having a wife).

To me, faithfulness is a must in every one of my most important relationships. Faithfulness is an umbrella that covers lots of relationships. Faithfulness covers romance, sure. It requires that Scott is faithful to me in our relationship, but it also includes much more. Faithfulness requires that I keep my word to my mom. That I speak no ill of my brothers (even if they are acting very, very ill). It requires that I remain firm on my convictions, my morals, my sense of right and wrong. It means that I am loyal, steadfast, and "on the team" (so to speak) with those that I am being faithful to.

So, Jesse, Tiger, Larry - word to the wise? Learn about faithfulness.

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