Saturday, April 10, 2010

Twenty Five Things

So you may remember, a year or so ago there was a "Twenty Five Things About Myself" craze going around Facebook. I was not on the bandwagon, mostly because I thought it was so strange ("Who wants to read all of that about someone else?") but now that I have my very own blog... Well, a blog is about as self centered as you can get, so I'll just go with that.

Without further adieu:

1) I would do anything for my family. Literally anything. (I can see I've watched too many episodes of Law & Order - see #4 - because as soon as I typed this I contemplated deleting it, thinking "I hope I'm never accused of commiting a crime on someone's behalf, because this statement will TOTALLY be used against me").

2) I love to read, but I hate spending perfectly good "shoe money" (or, "purse money" or um, "rent money") on a book that I'll read literally once. Therefore, I am a regular at the Chicago Public Library. I use my card so often, I actually have my number memorized.

3) There are a few phrases/words that I cannot stand. A few examples: LOL, chat, bubble, paprika, Pepsi.

4) I watch Law & Order: SVU religiously. Because of this, I've spent many-a-night checking the insides of my closets to make sure they are empty of intruders.

5) Sorry, but working out? Not really a fan. I know that some people love it, and get a runners high (whatever THAT is). I am not one of those people. (Before someone freaks out, YES, I work out. I run. I lift weights. I sometimes go to Bikram. But I do that because I like carbs and my skinny jeans and because I know that it's good for me... not because I enjoy it).

6) My mom and dad have a truly strong, admirable marriage. They have set the bar very high for their children, and I am thankful for that. Speaking of my mom and dad, we call each other the "Three Amigos" and are very close, though not in geography.

7) I love the Chicago Bears, and havent missed watching a game on TV (or in person!) since the 2007 playoffs. Once my brother was giving me a hard time, saying that I couldn't know much about them. To be fair, I don't think he ever said "because you're a girl" but it was implied (at least by me). To prove him wrong, I listed every single player on the starting offensive roster. Don't tempt me).

8) I fly fairly often, but still say a prayer every time I take off, and text my mom/Scott the moment I land.

9) I am really not a strong swimmer at all. (Which is a nice way of saying that I could probably sink without much effort). Someday if I have children, I plan to turn them in to little fishes so that they aren't as water-wussy as I am.

10) If I was going to make a totally fluffy, silly, completely irrelevant wish, I'd wish that tanning beds would not be harmful. I like how I look so much better with a tan (Hey, I told you it was fluffy!) but I know how bad it is for me, so I don't do it.

11) I am not such a meat eater, though I'm not a vegetarian. I will eat chicken or a burger from time to time, but never crave it, and have actually never had a steak. Typically my barometer for meat eating is that the meat has to be at a satisfactory ratio with the rest of the food - so it would have to be just one component of a salad/wrap, or be wrapped up in a bun or some other delicious carb.

12) I have every single love note/card/letter that Scott has sent me. They are in a purple bag in my closet. Sometimes when I am missing him I take it out and read them. Some make me laugh, some cry. It's my warm and fuzzy box, for sure.

13) I eat cottage cheese with salty foods (carrots/peapods/Pringles) not sweet foods (peaches, etc). My sorority sisters used to be really grossed out by this.

14) I once ran in to Jay Cutler and Greg Olsen (see #7) on the street. I am so totally NOT a Cutler fan (I think he's the worst decision in the history of the Bears Organization and I wish that he would be released from his contract. Need I mention the phrase "26 Interceptions"? Ahem). Not surprisingly, Cutler was a total, uhhhmmm, jerk (I'd like to use a more colorful word, but my mother reads this blog) and played with his Blackberry the whole time. Olsen, on the other hand, was friendly.

15) I wax my arms. (Weird, I know. It just freaks me out).

16) When I was a junior in college, a tornado ripped through our city. On my block, something like 10 houses were destroyed. It was one of the scariest, most surreal nights of my life.

17) I have tried numerous times to blog about my dad, Shawn, and the subject of feminists. I simply cannot yet. I'm just not a good enough writer to express my thoughts on those two subjects... yet. I have at least 5 different drafts written on each of those subjects. One day....

18) I hate small-talk. Ok, so the weather has been nice. Yay. Why do we have to talk about that? I avoid it whenever I can. My friend Jennie can recount one of the first times that I met her boyfriend (maybe the 2nd or 3rd meeting) and asked him if he loved her, and if so/not, what his intentions were with her.

19). See #2. While I'm reading a book, more often then not I will get to around page 100, and then flip to the end to read the last few pages; I always want to know how it ends before I get too far along. (Which is strange because it has never prevented me from reading, getting invested, and then crying when the main character falls off a cliff).

20) I love celebrity gossip. I know it's kind of pathetic and voyeristic, but I love it. (Bonus: If you are ever on the million dollar question on a game show and you need to know when Jennifer and Brad got married? Call me. July 29, 2000. Ugh. I wish I had to look that up).

21) My favorite part of any cocktail is not the liquor, or the mixer, but the garnish. Limes, and cherries and olives, oh my!

22) Regarding weddings, I love the cupid shuffle, hate the Macarena, love the toasts, and hate the bouquet toss.

23) I mix silver and gold jewelery like it's going out of style. (Maybe because it is?)

24) I have cried during numerous commercials. (The AmEx about rock climbing? The Folgers one where the daughter gets in late and then is engaged? SOMEONE PASS THE TISSUES).

25) I am very good with dates and numbers. (Freakish actually). The day I started work? June 4, 2007. The day I moved out of my apartment on Kenmore? August 1, 2009. The day I graduated high school? May 25, 2003.

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  1. re: #23: i totally do that with black and navy ... my fave color combination!!


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