Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Time

"In the human experience, I declare passage of time is the biggest surprise."

I've linked to this blog before. It's one that I ready daily, eagerly. The blogger is funny, quirky, interesting. I don't read it because I agree with her, oh no. I often disagree. In fact, I a few days ago I had the thought that she and I had nothing in common. She: a wife, a mother, who stays at home, raising her son awaiting the birth of her daughter. Conservative, Mormon, lives in Utah. I kind of relished how different we are, feeling like I was peeking in to this other world, seeing how she lives, what she values, what her life is like. I have come to admire her, respect our differences and the ways that we each see the world and our place in it. She seemed like someone I could be friends with, though our differences abound.

But then she went and said that.

True. Universal. Terrifying.

Maybe we have more in common then I think.

(I had several paragraphs written about about the things that are in the past and why that is so difficult to comprehend. It was cliche and cheesy and just not good writing. I don't want to blog about something just for the sake of blogging. So I deleted it. Suffice it to say that the speed at which time is passing is scaring me, and it seems to be increasing. I am vowing to live in the moment, to enjoy today for today's sake. We only get one chance at right now, at this instant, and while it's a little trite to say so, it's ultimately true).

(Related music: Green River Ordinance, On My Own. Google it!)

"He who knows most grieves most for wasted time."
- Dante

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