Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Bachelor

It's embarrassing to admit, but I watch The Bachelor, and have for years. I'm not sure what it is, but something sucks me in every season.

The finale was last night and (spoiler, kind of) The Bachelor Jake chose Vienna.

There are several things that I loathe about the show, and I think that spelling them out here might allow me to unburden my conscience.

1) Reread the second paragraph. Jake chose Vienna. Unlike dating in real life, on TV, the Bachelor gets his choice of 25 gorgeous, coiffed women. In real life, there is a mutual selection process, but in the show, (at least in this current season) all of the women fall for Jake, giving him all the power in the relationship. He decides who gets to stay in their luxurious accomodations in St. Lucia, and who is crying (literally) on the next flight home. He weilds absolute power.

2) The show films in two months. These couples go from being perfect strangers to being madly in love in eight measly weeks. I have been in love with Scott for four years and we have just recently committed to a life together. After four years I am STILL learning new things about him (who knew that breakfast is his favorite meal of the day?) After eight weeks you barely know each other, let alone how you are going to fit in to each other's worlds.

3) The Bachelor Jake literally wakes up one day, and is so torn about what he should do. He is moaning to the camera about the two amazing, wonderful women that he needs to choose from and how "this is the hardest decision of my life" and how both women are so amazing and he'd be so happy with either of them. Later THAT SAME DAY, he proposes to Vienna saying that every part of him loves her.

4) That leads me to #4. I have never been married, so I won't pretend to be an expert on the topic. All I know is that I believe marriage to be sacred and important and kind of... on a pedestal. It strikes me as sad that it is being taken so lightly as a commitment*. We don't allow gay's to get married yet we allow people who were strangers 8 weeks ago? There is something wrong with this! (*I will be the first to admit that Jake & Vienna could be perfectly suited for one another, and that they could go on to have a long and happy marriage. I hope they do. I only know what I was shown on the TV, and to me, it didn't seem like a commitment that they were taking as importantly as they should have, especially in light of the fact that even ONE DAY EARLIER they were not monogomous!).

Here's to you, Jake & Vienna. I hope you have a long & wonderful marriage. But, if I was a betting woman, I would bet you will no longer be together by the time my wedding rolls around.

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