Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I love Iowa

I know there are several readers of this blog that disagree with me politically; if you happen to be one of them, I would suggest that you discontinue reading! (Consider this your fair warning).
I was just sent an article regarding the Moscow mayor's views on homosexuality. In a nutshell, he believes that a gay (pride) parade is tantamount to a "satanic act" and further that "it's high time that we stop propagating nonsense discussions about human rights."
I feel sad right now, for the people of Moscow, and really for all people around the world who aren't able to marry the partner that they have chosen. I have taken my right to marry very for granted. When my relationship with Scott started to get serious, I always knew that marriage was on the table, as an option, and that it was up to us to decide if and the ultimately when marriage was something we wanted to do. It's hard to picture someone getting in my face and telling me that my relationship is not good enough, let alone "satanic". It is easier for me to think that this is something that happens over there, across the world in Moscow, but even my state (Illinois) bans same-sex marriage. (Happily, my home state, Iowa, is a completely different story!)
I know some celebrities (Charlize Theron and Brad Pitt for example) have gone on record saying that they won't marry their opposite sex partner until their gay friends can do the same, and I understand and respect their point, that isn't something that I will be doing. To me, that is like not eating in solidarity with the global hunger crisis... Yes, it raises awareness or a feeling of. But in my opinion, this isn't what the Gay Rights Movement needs right now. Rather, I believe, the movement needs politicians in place that are pro-equality and will put their voice (and vote) behind it. So today, with my heart and mind on those around the world that want the same freedom that my fiance and I have been granted, I will devote some time today to research the candidates on the ballot for next week's IL Primary.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - MLK, Jr. 1963

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