Monday, November 23, 2009

#25 Go to a concert of a favorite

On Saturday night, my parents and I attended the best concert I've ever gone to. I cannot stress this enough. It was so awesome.

We saw Ari Hest, my favorite singer/songwriter OF. ALL. TIME. (This is my second time seeing him, and my mom's third!). I have loved him since 10th grade, and his song "When Everything Seems Wrong" is still in my Top 10 Most Played, seven years after I first discovered it. His opener was Declan O'Rourke, this Irish singer embarking on his first US tour. We saw them at a really small venue in Cedar Rapids, which was in an art center. There were under 40 people in attendance, so it was so intimate and just fantastic. The venue was BYOB, and was the cutest little place ever. We were so close to the stage, it felt like Ari was singing to me (pretty sure he was. ha). We immediately bought Declan's new cd (er, USB. He sold these USB devices with two CD's worth of music, a biography, and a digital autograph on it. pretty funny).

Unfortunately, both my mom & I forgot our cameras (ARGH!) but I can't stress enough how amazing the experience was. In fact, I am seeing him again on Tuesday night when he plays in Chicago :)

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